Bowls of Sugar on Table

We Eat Way Too Much Sugar

In this day and age, most of us consume far too much sugar. If it doesn’t come out of the ground or off the farm, chances are there’s been sugar added to the foods that we’re eating, and we don’t even realize it. These days, most people are consuming anywhere up to 20% of their daily calorie intake from sugar. In the 1700’s, people would have consumed just under 5 grams of sugar per day. Compare that to studies over the last decade and many of us westerners are consuming over 200 grams per day! Obviously there’s been many changes with our relationship with food, and because of that, we’ve seen an uptick in diseases and ailments that simply weren’t a problem in the past.

Too much sugar can lead to diabetes

Studies have shown that high glycemic foods and drinks can cause Type 2 Diabetes. Not only that – the excessive calories contained in sugary foods and drinks can lead to unwanted weight gain. Being overweight is also a huge predictor for developing Type 2 Diabetes as well as heart disease.

Sugar can mess with your immune system

Through animal studies, scientists have discovered that ingesting too much sugar can cause immune response to be suppressed. This may be cause by the bacteria and yeast that feeds on sugar in side of the body. The types of bacteria that feed on the sugars are more likely to cause illness and have a negative affect on your body’s immune system.

Sugar damages your skin, causing you to age quicker

The process known as glycation is when excess glucose in the body attaches itself to proteins and skin fibers. This results in “saggy” skin.

Sugar Rots Your Teeth

Most us know this to be true. If you’ve ever went to the dentist, you’ve likely heard this, especially if you were a child who loved candy.

You can become sluggish and irritable

Sugar spikes your blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar comes back down, glucose levels in the brain also decrease. This can negatively affect your energy levels and your mood.

Too much sugar can cause inflammation

Inflammation is a big one – There’s more and more data coming out that correlates inflammation in the body to many diseases – ranging from cancer, heart disease, anxiety, and depression. One thing is for certain, inflammation in the body can result in discomfort and joint pain. Too many sweets have been reported to cause flare ups in those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

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