Treating Cuts and Scrapes

It's important to take care of your wounds so that you can prevent infection,mitigate scarring, and to ensure that your body can heal properly.

Without the proper treatment, a cut of a burn can turn into a scar. Whether your skin gets injured from a fall or accident, or as a result of surgery, your body is going to begin to heal and repair your wounds by forming new collagen fibers - Thus the scar.

Larger lacerations, like those caused by surgery, are much more likely to leave a scar. If you're dealing with a minor cut or scrape, there are things that you can do to diminish the chances of developing a noticeable scar.

1. Always wash your hands

We carry a lot of germs and bacteria around with us. If you think about all of the places that your hands go during the day, you could see why it's important to keep them clean. You don't want to transfer any of that bacteria into your wound and potentially cause an infection.


2. Stop the Bleeding

If it's a small wound, it'll probably stop bleeding on it's own after not-too-long. You can also apply a bit of pressure using a bandage or a cloth.

3. Rinse your cut with soap and water

Clean out the cut with soap and water. If there's any bits of dirt of debris within the wound, you can use a clean pair of tweezers to get it all out.

4. Keep the wound moist

You can use petroleum jelly or an antibiotic cream/ointment. If whatever you choose to use causes a rash, immediately stop using.

5. Regularly Change your Bandage

You'll want to change you bandage daily at minimum. If your bandage becomes wet or dirty, you'll also want to change it to prevent infection.

6. Keep an Eye out for Infection

Infection can appear in many different ways. Keep an on on redness, swelling, puss or increasing pain. If you are concerned that you may have an infection, speak to your Doctor.


Not all wounds are treated equal. Never hesitate to speak with a medical professional for guidance on how to treat your wounds.

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