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At Pharmacy2Home, we believe that users of medical products should have easy access to the products that they need, at the right cost. We also believe that traditional pharmacies are an extremely important asset to Canadians.

Pharmacy2Home aims to bring value to Canadians by offering a user-friendly platform that enables those searching for medical supplies to conveniently shop online while still maintaining a connection with their local pharmacies.

With over 700 participating pharmacies across the country, you can use Pharmacy2Home to shop for over 16,000 medical products that your local pharmacy may not carry, while still benefiting from the expertise of your respected pharmacist and maintaining a relationship with your pharmacy of choice.

Why Support Your Local Pharmacy?

Although extremely convenient, shopping online for medical products hasn't been without its drawbacks. As we navigate through the Digital Era, more and more local retail businesses are struggling to keep their doors open, let alone be profitable. In the United States and parts of Europe, we've witnessed significant impacts on community pharmacies as we see yet another industry being disrupted by online ecommerce websites such as Amazon.

Shopping on the Pharmacy2Home platform ensures that local pharmacies don't get cut out of the equation - and that's important! Pharmacists are our front-line medical practitioners that are responsible for a lot more than just dispensing drugs. As medical experts, Pharmacists are often who we turn to for consultation regarding medication, chronic conditions, smoking cessation, breastfeeding, and other general medical inquiries for those that may not have regular access to a doctor.

Pharmacy2Home's intention is to bridge the gap between convenience and service, ensuring a brighter future for Canadian pharmacies and those that they serve.

Who is Pharmacy2Home?

Pharmacy2Home delivers the best medical products directly to your home. We are Canada’s first nation-wide home delivery shipping program for disposable and durable home medical products.


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