Join one of the largest home
delivery networks in Canada!


Why should you become a participant?

Pharmacists all across Canada participate in the Pharmacy2Home network in order to provide a more convenient service to their customer. We help local pharmacies offer more products than they could ever hope to stock in their stores, by stocking thousands of items in multiple distribution centers across Canada.

We're offering you a way to get your customer's products sent directly to their front door. With our extensive inventory and world class shipping partners we can get that product discreetly delivered to those very customers. In industry terms, we are a Home Health Fulfillment Center for your pharmacy.


"I'm so happy that I can now get the help of my pharmacist without losing the convenience of home delivery."

How do you participate?

Well that's the easy part! All you have to do is sign up here for free.
Once you're signed in, you can start taking orders right away. We also suggest that you get our membership starter kit to help you promote this service to your customers for free.

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